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Jaguar XJ Performance


Jaguar has launched several cars in India in both sports and sedan category that caters to premium segment of the car market. This car is available in three different trims of Jaguar XJ 3.0 Litre Premium Luxury, Jaguar XJ 3.0 litre Portfolio and Jaguar XJ 2.0 litre Portfolio. Jaguar XJ price in India is in the range of Rs. 99 Lac to Rs. 1.1 Cr (Ex showroom price, New Delhi). Jaguar XJ Colours available in the market includes Gold and Alpine White. Check for Jaguar XJ in Mumbai


The new generation Jaguar XF has got similar silhouette compared to its predecessor but the styling changes are quite substantial. The XF now gets leaner with the sleek character lines and revised front profile which is inspired by the latest family design. The beefy front styling is gone now, in comes the sporty and aggressive face. There is a dominating signature grille up front along with sleek LED headlamps with DRLs.

The Jaguar XF looks huge from the side profile having a long bonnet and a smooth flowing roofline that infuses seamlessly with the boot. The 18-inch multi-spoke alloys on the Portfolio trim look gorgeous. The rear profile also gets heavy changes. The slimmer tail lights look striking at night especially with the F-Type inspired LED detailing. All in all, the new XF maintains its elegant character but with some freshly sprinkled details on the exteriors.


Simple is Classy and the XJ makes you feel that with its engaging interiors. Love the wood and beige interior trims on the premium luxury. Instead of filling the cabin with multiple options, they have chosen the select few necessarily important ones. Unlike others and thankfully so, Jaguars come equipped with the finest without an option of a discounted version which is an insult to a car of this calibre.It might not pamper the matured in you with lavish qualities of trim as seen on the S Class instead the XJ has more engaging bits than any other premium limousine. In their pursuit of perfection, they have spent a great deal of time on making sure the interiors suit the taste and class of the one owning it. The matured would like it for but the young and dynamic would love it as the intricate detailing is too good to not be considered.

Central panel gets an 8 inch touch screen colour display screen. Functional?… Yes! and the touch interface makes it convenient too. Something that doesn’t work for it is the presence of a similar arrangement in the more affordable XF. The S Class earns great points here for offering a visual treat with its larger infotainment screen and elaborative user interface. This might pinch someone who is particular about functions and options.The leather quality in seats and other places is impeccable. The whole layout of trims is very vintage-meets-modern which makes it interesting. There is an ultra rich Gloss Burr Walnut Veneer which flows all around the cabin. It wraps around the front windshield with a subtle Jaguar tag buckled on it at the centre.

Space is abundant inside and one can tuck himself in generous dollop of premium experience. I being the red blooded enthusiast have often found myself in the front but this time, I made an exception and chose to be chauffeured for a good time. Headrest mounted TV screens, controls on the central armrest and seats which massaged my ego. Not that the chauffer has anything to complain about as Jaguar offers as much comfort for the front occupants.Move your finger over the glove box button and the cover descends peacefully. Get your fingers near the cabin lights, they glow instantly. Position the air conditioning vents and you see glossy cups with chrome diffusers. A small push on the chrome pocket and it opens softly. Pull the table mounted behind front seats and it is ready to hold anything even a laptop. The list of such details is endless and a Jag customer will definitely appreciate it.


As said above, the company is selling this vehicle in both petrol and diesel engine options for the buyers to choose from. The petrol variant is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged motor, which has the ability to displace 1999cc. It can produce a maximum power of 237.36bhp at 5500rpm and yields a peak torque output of 340Nm at 1750rpm. It is integrated with four cylinder and sixteen valves using double overhead camshaft based valve configuration. Whereas, the powerful V6 diesel engine displaces 2993cc and is integrated with a direct injection system. The maximum power produced by this mill is 270.8bhp at 4000rpm and generates a peak torque output of 600Nm at 2000rpm. Both these engines are coupled with an advanced 8-speed automatic transmission gear box, which sends the engine power to its front wheels.

This saloon is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. Its petrol variant is equipped with a i4 mill that is incorporated with an electronically regulated fuel injection. It helps in producing the maximum mileage of 9.4 Kmpl on the bigger roads. While it has the ability to gives out a mileage in the range of 5.4 Kmpl in the city traffic conditions. On the other hand, its diesel engine is integrated with a direct injection fuel supply system, which allows it to deliver a mileage of 12.9 Kmpl on the highways (as per ARAI certification) and 7.5 Kmpl within the city limitsBoth the petrol and diesel engines are integrated with a turbocharger, which allows them to develop immense power. Its four cylinder based petrol engine unleashes a maximum power of 237.3bhp at 5500rpm and yields a commanding torque output of 340Nm at just 1750rpm. On the other hand, its diesel mill has six cylinders and 24-valves based on DOHC valve configuration. It can develop a commanding power of 270.8bhp at 4000rpm that results in a hammering torque output of 600Nm at 3500rpm, which is quite remarkable for this class.


The XJ has a very direct steering which is light at city speeds and weighs up well as the speeds gather. The steering also feels precise and makes the sedan a fun handler on the twisties. The XJ feels involving to drive and with the Dynamic mode turned on, it stiffens up and offers a sporty feel. The suspension offers a cushioned ride at slow speeds and the XF remains fairly composed even at higher speeds. The ride is comfortable but the suspension thuds loudly over bad potholes. Braking performance is brilliant with very good stopping power.


Safety and After Sales Service – The new Jaguar XJ scored full five stars at the Euro NCAP crash test. It comes loaded with safety equipment including multiple airbags for front and rear passengers, ABS, torque vectoring, dynamic stability control, engine drag torque control, etc. After sales service of Jaguar cars is satisfactory but not the best amongst its rivals as the service network across India is very limited.


When we last brought all the cars in this class together, even we were a bit surprised with how well the Jaguar XJ fared. It lost out to the S-class because it lacked those last few degrees of refinement, quality and technology the segment demands, but still managed to come second because of its incredible charm and uniquely British version of luxury motoring. With the update, some of these issues – namely comfort and technology – have been addressed, but refinement and quality still have a little way to go. It continues to be the more emotional choice in the segment, especially if you occasionally drive yourself, and if you want that little extra X-factor from your luxury limousine, this is still definitely the one we’d recommend.

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